Privacy & Data Policy

At BunnyCDN, we take data privacy very seriously. We want to be completely transparent about the information that we store, how we use it and how we keep it secure.

Privacy & Data Policy

BunnyCDN does not share any personal data with any third party except information required to function correctly. Users might visit our site anonymously, however for billing, security and accounting reasons users may be requested to enter their email, name, address, company details and credit card information as needed. This will only be collected from users when registering an account and only if the user enters the data voluntarily. We do not store any personal information about your visits that are not entered voluntarily.

How we protect your data?

We make great effort to ensure the security of your data using the latest encryption methods and never storing information such as your passwords in plain text. We also use encrypted traffic and communication in all critical parts of our system to ensure the safety of your data. For security reasons, your credit card details are never stored on our servers. Instead we use one of the most secure payment providers called BrainTree to process and store your billing information in a secure manner.

Anonymous Non-personal Data Policy

In order to improve users with the best website experience, we may collect some anoymous information about users visiting and interacting with our visit such as the name of their browser, pages visited and points of interest on the website based on mouse heatmap technology as outlined below using a completely anonymous service called Matomo.

Non-Personal Data Only

We use a service called Matomo that strictly only tracks non-personal data that does not include any user identifiable information.

100% Anonymous

The data collected is not tied to any account or user and is 100% anonymous and used strictly for statistical reasons and improving user experience.

Not Shared

All anonymous data is kept by us, so there are no chances of a third party tying your unique ID and behavior to any personal profile.

Web Browser Cookie Policy

Our website might use cookies in order to operate normally, alowing you to log into the dashboard and to provide us with anonymous statistics about your visit to help us enhance the user experience of our website.

We have carefully designed and overviewed our cookie usage in order to make sure we never store any kind of personal information or information that would allow anyone to identify you.

Sharing Your Personal Data

BunnyCDN does not sell or share any personal data with any third party except when this is required to function correctly, such as sending an email, making a payment or performing a fraud check.


During signup, we might share your current IP, browser user agent, browser language and email address provided during signup to a third party service MaxMind that we use to detect and prevent credit card fraud.


During a payment process, we might pass your billing information such as credit card details, IP and email to a service called BrainTree that will then use this for secure payment processing on our behalf.


During a payment process, we might pass your billing information such as IP and email address to a service called Coinify that will then use this for secure payment processing on our behalf.


When interacting with our support team or using the website support widget, information such as your email address and name might be passed to a service called ZenDesk that we use for managing our support.


After signing up for an account, we might share your name and email address with a service called SendGrid that we use to process and send email notifications related to your BunnyCDN account.


When posting a comment on our blog or knowledge base, your provided information is shared with a service called Disqus that we use to provide users the ability to leave comments under our articles.

This privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice.
It was last updated on 5/5/2018. If you require more information or have any questions, feel free to contact us at: