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We make your download speeds fly like a bunny chasing a carrot.




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Insane Pricing Without Sacrificing On Performance

The Truly Simple CDN

We built BunnyCDN with simplicity and performance in mind. With our simple CDN
control panel adding a Pull Zone is as simple as chosing a name and entering your website url.

Simple CDN Dashboard Example

Low Latency

In our tests we measured a <30ms latency when accessing BunnyCDN from different locations around United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Unbeatable Price

With our simple Pay As You Go pricing starting at just $10/TB for all EU and US regions, we are the cheapest CDN out there without sacrificing on performance.

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Xavier Coiffic

Xavier Coiffic

I think I have tested most of the CDN websites on the planet. BunnyCDN looks new but what an amazing customer support they got, very friendly and ready to help. I got my website set up within minutes and everything working fine! I love their UI, very simple and lovely design. I greatly recommend BunnyCDN for your websites. Good work guys!

Marko Fink

I love the dashboard, it was super easy to set up a storage zone for video delivery. It took me maybe a minute to get the FTP credentials and connect a pull zone. Just like that. Stopped worrying about scalig, setting up the servers and performance issues. It just works.

Khôi Nguyễn

A great CDN service. User Experience is very friendly, easy-to-touch.

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