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  • 36 Global Data Centers
  • All Features Included
  • Lightning Fast

Lightning fast performance and low latency around the world.

  • Europe & North America

    $0.01 /GB

  • Asia & Oceania

    $0.03 /GB

  • South America

    $0.045 /GB

  • South Africa

    $0.06 /GB

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FROM $2.5/TB

High Volume

  • 8 Global Data Centers
  • All Features Included
  • Cost Effective Pricing

Incredibly cost-effective pricing for big bandwidth projects.

  • First 500TB

    $0.005 /GB

  • From 500TB-1PB

    $0.004 /GB

  • From 1PB-2PB

    $0.003 /GB

  • From 2PB+

    $0.0025 /GB

Looking for a Custom High Volume Plan?

We serve clients delivering just a few requests up to multiple petabytes per month.
Contact us for a custom quote.

Estimate Your Monthly Bill

  • EU / NA GB
  • Asia & Oceania
  • South America
  • Africa

Standard Tier


$4.50 /month

Volume Tier


$1.75 /month

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We are aware that pricing is not the only factor driving your decision. Our performance, reliability and features are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

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No Hidden Costs or Contracts

With a powerful feature set, BunnyCDN is an ideal solution for any kind of project.

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No Monthly Minimums

We don't enforce any monthly minimums and only require a minimum $10 recharge every year.

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Toggle Zones ON/OFF

Is a region too expensive for you? You can disable it and reroute with a click of a button in the control panel.

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No Request Fees

BunnyCDN will never charge extra for the number of requests. You are only charged for the traffic served.

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Multiple Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and even Bitcoin with no extra fees.

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Overcharge Protection

Protect your account with a monthly bandwidth limit in case your site gets a huge surge of unwanted traffic.

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All Features Included

All the advanced CDN features we offer are included in the price. We won't charge extra for features.

Price ≠ Performance

Despite the low cost, BunnyCDN performs close to or even faster than other content delivery networks.

Price Per Terabyte

(Base Rate - Lower is better)

  • BunnyCDN ($10 - $60)
  • KeyCDN ($40 - $160)
  • CDN77 ($49 - $185)
  • StackPath ($75)
  • CloudFront ($85 - $250)
  • Fastly ($120 - $280)

Average Global Performance

(Worldwide Median - Lower is better)

  • BunnyCDN (46.5ms)
  • KeyCDN (47.8ms)
  • CDN77 (58.0ms)
  • StackPath (49.0ms)
  • CloudFront (43.3ms)
  • Fastly (44.1ms)

Performance is based on independent real world user data provided by CdnPerf and pricing from public provider listing on March 26th, 2018.

Custom Plan

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