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Premium Tier

Exceptionally low global latency aimed at high performance solutions where every millisecond matters.

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FROM $2.5/TB

High Volume Tier

Incredible price/performance ratio for high bandwidth services by utilizing a smaller set of high performance PoPs.

Pay only for the bytes that you use. Toggle any region on or off.

Europe & North America $0.01 /GB
Asia & Oceania $0.03 /GB
South America $0.045 /GB
South Africa $0.06 /GB

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Asia & Oceania GB

South America GB
South Africa GB

Monthly cost: $4.50

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Price ≠ Performance

Despite the low cost, BunnyCDN performs close to or even faster than other CDNs.

Price Per Terabyte

(Base Rate - Lower is better)

BunnyCDN ($10 - $60)
KeyCDN ($40 - $160)
CDN77 ($49 - $185)
StackPath ($75)
CloudFront ($85 - $250)
Fastly ($120 - $280)

Average Performance

(Worldwide Median - Lower is better)

BunnyCDN (46.5ms)
KeyCDN (47.8ms)
CDN77 (58.0ms)
StackPath (49.0ms)
CloudFront (43.3ms)
Fastly (44.1ms)

Performance is based on independent real world user data provided by PerfOps and pricing from public provider listing on March 26th, 2018.

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