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Monthly Traffic EU & USA Asia & Oceania South America
First 100TB $0.010 / GB $0.030 / GB $0.045 / GB
100 - 500TB $0.009 / GB $0.030 / GB $0.045 / GB
500TB - 1PB $0.008 / GB $0.030 / GB $0.045 / GB
1PB+ $0.007 / GB $0.030 / GB $0.045 / GB

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Despite being cheaper than other CDNs, BunnyCDN offers amazing performance around the world thanks to our unique global network, SSD powered servers and a premium carrier mix. You can find out more on our network page.

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  • Free SSL Support
  • Unlimited Pull Zones
  • HTTP/2 Enabled

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CDN price comparison for 1 Terabyte of USA and EU traffic


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