Frequently Asked Questions


— Do you charge for storage space?

We charge for storage when using our cloud storage service. If you use just the CDN, then the storage is free. We allocate the storage space as required depending on the files.

— Do you provide live video streaming?

Unfortunately, we do not allow BunnyCDN to be used for live streaming purposes at this time. We do however fully support video on demand and the HLS protocol.

— Can I use an SSL certificate?

You sure can, after you add the hostname, you can upload the SSL certificate files associated with it and we will do the rest.

— How is traffic calculated?

Origin pull traffic is free, we only measure the outgoing traffic from our servers, including the header data.

— Do you accept adult content?

We happily accept any adult content as long as it is legal.

— How big can my files be?

We currently don't enforce any file size limits.

— Do you provide phone support?

We do not currently provide phone support, however, we would be happy to answer any questions using our ticketing system or email.

— Do the credits expire?

Yes, the credits will expire after 1 year if you don't make a new payment for more than a year, but you can retain them with any new payment before the expiry.

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