Compare BunnyCDN vs StackPath

Still hesitant about which CDN to chose? Here is a comparison of BunnyCDN and StackPath.


On this page you can find an overview of the pricing and features of BunnyCDN and StackPath in a convenient side by side comparison.

Pricing Comparison

Region BunnyCDN StackPath
North America $0.01/GB $0.06/GB
Europe $0.01/GB $0.06/GB
Asia $0.03/GB $0.06/GB
Australia $0.03/GB $0.06/GB
South America $0.045/GB $0.06/GB

Feature Comparison

Features BunnyCDN StackPath
PoPs 34 18
Instant Cache Purge
GZIP Compression
Origin Shield
HTTP/2 Support
Free One-Click SSL
Free Wildcard SSL
Raw Access Logs
Realtime Statistics
Realtime Monitoring
Custom CNAME
Anycast DNS
IPv6 Support
Override Cache Expiration Time
Hotlinking Protection
IP Blacklisting
Traffic Manager
Note: The mentioned services and prices were collected from available online information on 26/12/2017.

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