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Cloud Storage

Store your data on a fast, reliable cloud storage system integrated directly into BunnyCDN.

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Direct CDN Integration

Deliver your stored files with lightning fast speeds around the globe with our optimized storage to CDN integration.

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File Manager, FTP and HTTP API

Thanks to our online file manager, FTP and HTTP API, uploading content is incredibly easy, be it from your browser or your code.

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Reliable Infrastructure

Your data is reliably stored and replicated on our servers with a RAID 6 system. This means no more worrying about losing data.

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Infinite Scalability

Our custom built cloud technology scales with you, so there are no file count or size limits to worry about.

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No Internal Bandwidth Charges

The cloud storage is tightly integrated into BunnyCDN, so internal traffic between storage and the CDN is completely free.

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Powerful Security Features

Use our hotlinking protection and token authentication to control exactly who and for how long can download your files.

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Simple Online File Manager

Our simple but powerful online file manager allows you to easily upload and manage files in your storage zones directly from your web browser. You can get started uploading data just seconds after creating a zone.

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Optimized Internal Network

We keep an optimized internal network between all our CDN servers and the cloud storage with always active as Keep-Alive connections, meaning your content will always be delivered fast and with minimal latency.


Frequently Ask Questions

The storage is based on an object storage cloud system, so there are no limits on the file count or storage size and you can create virtually infinitely sized zones.

Since there is no actual underlying file system, unfortunately renaming files is not supported at this point due to technical limitations.

The storage is currently based in our datacenter in Germany. When a file is first requested, it will get pulled from there first and then cached locally on the CDN itself.

You can upload files using our web interface, FTP or via our HTTP based API.

All uploaded data is stored securely in a RAID-6 storage configuration. GEO Replicated storage also adds replication to multiple physical systems and locations providing extra redundancy.

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