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Deliver content faster than ever before

Thanks to global replication across 4 continents, BunnyCDN Storage offers up to 5X faster download speeds and latencies compared to traditional cloud storage.

Avoid downtime with automatic datacenter failover

Thanks to replication across the globe, your data is always available and safe even in an event of local hardware or multi datacenter failure.

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Supercharge file delivery through BunnyCDN

Edge Storage integrates directly with BunnyCDN. Get never before seen performance and completely free internal traffic between the storage and CDN.

How does it work?

Seamless background replication assures immediate global availability without any delays.

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Upload your files using FTP, HTTP API or web file manager.

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Your files are immediately available for download.

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Your files are automatically replicated around the world..

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Your files are supercharged by our global load balancer.

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Pay As You Go Pricing

Select the replication regions you wish to use. No commitments or minimums.



$0.01 /GB

per month
North America

New York

$0.02 /GB

per month
North America

Los Angeles

$0.02 /GB

per month


$0.03 /GB

per month


$0.03 /GB

per month

$0.03 /GB


Built For Performance

BunnyCDN Storage was designed with performance in mind from the ground up.

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Infinite Scalability

Our custom built cloud technology scales with you, so there are no file count or size limits to worry about.

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Strategic Positioning

Strategically selected geographical locations ensure your data is positioned for maximum performance around the world.

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Direct CDN Integration

BunnyCDN storage integrates directly with our CDN system with optimized internal connectivity.

Let's speak numbers!

We have benchmarked BunnyCDN Storage against traditional cloud storage providers.

Average Global Latency

(Milliseconds - Lower is better)

  • BunnyCDN Replicated Storage 41 ms
  • AWS S3 (EU Central) 131 ms
  • DigitalOcean (Frankfurt) 136 ms
  • Wasabi (EU Central) 129 ms
  • BackBlaze 133 ms

Average Global Throughput

(MB/s - Higher is better)

  • BunnyCDN Replicated Storage 58.3 MB/s
  • AWS S3 (EU Central) 31.42 MB/s
  • DigitalOcean (Frankfurt) 29.8 MB/s
  • Wasabi (EU Central) 28.13 MB/s
  • BackBlaze 26.23 MB/s

Tested from 14 BunnyCDN locations in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Australia and South Africa.

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