Top CDN Benefits

Performance, SEO, security and reliability are just some of the CDN benefits
and the reason why over 9 million websites are already using a CDN.

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Lightning Fast Performance

By holding data closer to your users, BunnyCDN speeds up your website no matter where they are. By lowering latency and packet loss for maximum possible performance, your website will feel faster than ever.

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Scalability & Reliability

No matter how much traffic your website needs to serve, BunnyCDN will deliver it and our automatic healing will make sure your website stays online even if one of the servers goes down. No more worrying about your infrastructure.

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SEO & User Experience

Fast websites equal good user experience and satisfaction. Just a second faster load time can drastically increase your conversion rates. Search engines know this as well and will prioritize faster websites, meaning you get better ranking and increased website traffic.

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Increased Security

BunnyCDN offers industry-leading security and encryption standards that are just a few clicks away. You gain access to free SSL, token authentication, network control, hotlinking protection and many other features that are easy to set up and provide an instant security boost.

Users Demand a Fast Website

40% of users would abandon a page if it did not load within 3 seconds.

A website loading just 1 second slower can decrease conversions up to 7%.

47% of consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.

Statistics provided by Kissmetrics

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